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As a freelancer, you should sell your work on as many platforms as possible to maximize your potential earnings. The idea seems straightforward, but it gets tricky when exclusivity agreements get involved. Some platforms offer (or require) exclusivity agreements that limit creators to selling their work on just one platform, usually in exchange for an increased commission rate. Creators are further pushed towards exclusivity by the artificially low commission rates provided if they do sell their work on multiple platforms.

For some of us, it makes more financial sense for freelancers to reject exclusivity agreements and instead sell their creative work on as many platforms as possible. This can lead to higher client exposure and more sales. As freelancers ourselves, we’ve been faced with the difficult decision between selling our work exclusively on a single marketplace, or accepting lower commision rates to sell on multiple platforms. That’s why with the Coded Market we’ve chosen to offer 90% commission to our developers without requiring exclusivity and at no cost to developers. We believe that developers that are taken care of and earn more are able to more freely experiment, and ultimately, reach their highest potential for creating quality creative work. Check out the table below to view your options for selling your work online.

Platform Non-Exclusive Commission Rate Exclusive Commission Rate
Coded 90% No exclusivity (90%)
Creative Market 70% No exclusivity (70%)
Envato 45% 62.5 to 87.5%*
Adobe Stock 33-35% No exclusivity (33-35%)

*Envato increases commission rates as sales increase, but the majority of developers never sell enough to get those high commission rates.

Selling your work on Coded and other platforms that don’t require exclusivity is a fantastic no-risk option for freelancers looking to maximize their earnings selling their creative work. If you’re ready to jump in, join the best marketplace for creators at If you’d like a little more information about how this all works, check out this article.