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Having a fast website isn’t just something that’s nice to have: it’s critical to operating a successful online enterprise. Without a slick site with fast-loading pages, you’ll lose customers, miss out on opportunities to convert, and end up with a bunch of disappointed customers.

90% of people are less than likely to make a purchase if a webpage takes longer than 2 seconds to load. Every 1-second delay in page speed after 2 seconds decreases customer satisfaction by 15%.

Having a fast-loading website is not optional. Today’s internet-savvy users expect the best possible experience. They won’t tolerate anything less. According to data collected by BrandPerfect from 2,500 online shoppers, more than two-thirds of people abandon their shopping carts because of slow page-loading speeds more than for any other reason.

What’s driving this behavior isn’t entirely clear. Part of the story has to do with consumer expectations. People want their digital experiences to be seamless and responsive; they don’t want to return to the mid-1990s where they had to wait for a long time for their computers to do things.

Mobile is having an impact too. Mobile devices rely on swiping and displaying information in a small space quickly. When mobile devices aren’t responsive, they’re a lot less usable than their desktop counterparts. Responsiveness is almost a prerequisite of mobile internet use. Companies that run unresponsive mobile websites will frustrate and disappoint their customers.

The bottom line is that customers are more likely to do business with you if your website is fast. A fast website implies expertise, trust, and convenience.

The final part of the story has to do with trust. Consumers don’t feel like they can trust companies whose websites take an eternity to load. The reasoning goes something like this: “if I can’t trust a company to get its website right, can I trust them to get their product right?” Most potential customers will answer that question in the negative. So what can your business do to improve the speed of its website? Let’s take a look at your options.

Quantum's Preloading Services

Automated Image Preloading

Images take substantial bandwidth to render in real-time. Large photos, especially those in 4K, can cause a page to load more slowly than users are willing to tolerate. Some enterprises will avoid using large images to help make their pages load faster, but with Quantum, you can have the best of both worlds.

Quantum’s preloading services use machine learning to predict which webpage someone is going to view next. Quantum then uses this prediction to preload the photos and high-resolution images of the next page so that your travel photos, product images, and blog pictures load instantly for your readers.

Script & Stylesheet Preloading

When one of your webpages is loading to your potential customers, some content isn’t displayed immediately because remote JavaScript has to be downloaded, parsed, and then ran before some content is displayed to the user. Quantum helps you get around this by preloading all your scripts and stylesheets ahead of time. When the user opens a new page, it renders instantly in their browser: no waiting and no lost conversion opportunities.

DNS Preloading

Although it might sound technical, DNS is just the internet’s version of a phonebook. DNS contains all the addresses of other sites and pages on the web.

The problem with DNS is that it can sometimes be slow. When a user clicks an external link on your website, it can take time for the information about a site’s web address to reach their computer, slowing the process down considerably.

With Quantum DNS preloading, you can get around this problem. Our predictive preloading technology can predict which external links your users are likely to click and automatically preload DNS information they need to follow the link, even if the linking site doesn’t use Quantum.

Win More Customers with Quantum

Your customers don’t want a slow-loading website. They want something fast, responsive and crisp that they can rely on. When they experience slow loading times, companies lose business.

Providing a speedy service helps both customers and firms. Customers get a better experience, and businesses are much more likely to make website sales. Faster website loading improves the overall customer experience of your company, enhancing your brand and helping to build trust.

With Quantum, you can achieve much lower loading times, display higher resolution images, and offer a better service to your readers and potential customers.