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As an influencer, you are operating in a market built on finding opportunity in the unexpected. From creating engaging content that inspires to finding priceless partnerships with brands, locating unique ways to earn money and notoriety are an influencer's bread and butter.

One of the many ways an online entrepreneur can maximize their earning potential is through the creation and sales of creative templates and stock imagery. A variety of marketplaces exist online for creatives to put their skills to use for public consumption - and the public is hungry!

Wondering how you can take advantage of this online sales market that is growing at an exponential rate with almost limitless revenue opportunity? At Coded, we have broken down six tips to help influencers break into the online template and stock sales market, as well as the benefits involved with the industry.

Why Creative Templates & Stock Photos?

With the emergence of popular content platforms such as social media and online sales marketplaces, nearly anyone with a cell phone and an idea can put together a brand with money-making potential. While a creator may have an idea or concept that they wish to market, building the marketing elements that bring their passion to life may be difficult for many. To solve this conundrum, the creative template and stock photo market has risen to prominence in recent years.

Creative templates (think Adobe Lightroom presets or Instagram filters) include the many pre-built content templates that provide an easy way for influencers and creators to showcase their talents online. By building a customizable framework for graphic design or video work, all one must do is plug in their unique branding or content and launch their content live to the world.

For example, think of the many online companies and organizations that sell a variety of products and services through social media channels and landing pages. If these creators don't have a library of photography available to fill the templates, many will purchase another's stock photography to bring their content to life with a modern look and feel.

While many want to create tomorrow's top viral content, far fewer are creating the templates and photography needed to provide that content a voice. This is where the opportunity exists for savvy influencers. By spending time building and selling both templates and photography, you can make quick cash through a needed service. Let's take a look at some tips and benefits to jumping on the content-creation bandwagon.

1. Decide What Product You Want To Create & Own It

What do you fancy yourself as - a graphic designer or photographer? While you can certainly try your hand at either product, finding your sweet spot is vital for owning the market. Give either template creation or stock photography sales a try and find the one that fits your passion and skills. By building an engaging preset or stock image library that others can quickly use to their advantage, you will build a large buyer base in no time.

Want to start growing quickly? Find online courses that can teach you how to better create for the market, and begin putting in the hours early to gain steam in building a library of content that is ready to go up for sale. By owning the avenue of your choice, you can easily become a leading creator in that realm.

2. Find Collaborators To Give You A Boost

It really is true: You get by with a little help from your friends. You will need more than a creative template or stock photo and a social media channel to market your new products. You can really see your products gain mainstream success by dropping your pride a level and seeking others in the market to help you gain interest. Don't be afraid to network on popular maker networks to see what others are coming up with, what kind of content is selling, and how you can begin to use their creations for inspiration. You never know who you will meet, and you may have the opportunity to partner with some pretty unique influencers to market your products.

3. Go Above & Beyond Your Buyer's Expectations

The only downside to creating templates or shooting stock photography can be the risk of getting into an uncreative rut. As the orders begin to come in, you will be tempted to start cutting corners and putting out copycat content just to keep your buyers satisfied.

Never settle for less than your best. Always find ways to learn more and take advantage of opportunities to raise the bar for yourself. Take risks with your social media templates and stock footage to impress buyers with your unique eye. In an ever-growing marketplace, you will need to find your voice by exceeding the expectations of those who are buying your content. This is where you will really find out how influential you are!

4. Put Yourself In Your Buyer's Shoes

One of the main reasons that your content is being purchased is because of its ease of use in creating online content. As an influencer, nobody understands the struggle of putting out constant content more than you do! With that in mind, always put yourself in your buyer's shoes to see how your content stacks up in consistency, quality, and engagement.

This includes testing your content yourself, taking the time to educate yourself on the industry, and investing in your products and services. Consider upgrading your camera, investing in premium accounts on seller marketplaces, and more. With the right investments up front, you can increase your revenue potential by providing your consumers with the best product you can possibly create.

5. Market Your Products With Courage

Like step 2, how you market your products is vital to success. A variety of seller marketplaces have been built for those wishing to reach customers with creative content templates. Do your research to find the best marketplace or platform to market your templates and stock images - including reaching out to other influencers or brands. Take the courage to be bold in your ask, because you never know who needs your awesome content!

6. Branch Out

This is the fun part! After you start making some sales with either your creative templates or stock photography, you can begin to get flexible with your product and service offerings. If you discover that your templates are really making an impact on the industry, try your hand at similar content creation. In a similar way, if your photos are taking off online, consider giving stock video footage a try. You never know how your online business endeavors will evolve as you begin to bring in extra revenue and build your brand through creative marketing. Be willing to try a variety of products or offerings - some may work out while others flop. Either way, you never know until you try!

The Benefits Of Selling Online

There are countless benefits to giving this new entrepreneurial endeavor a shot. Whether you are looking to build your brand or are needing a little extra revenue, you can't go wrong in this growing industry. As an influencer, having the ability to diversify your brand portfolio with a variety of options will increase your reputation and reach among a much larger audience. In fact, many who set out to build an empire in a particular industry found even more success when they gave an unexpected opportunity a try!

Grow & Learn With Coded

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