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Every business, whether they are working internationally at an enterprise scale or are opening up early every day to serve regular local patrons, depend on conversions. A conversion is an uptick for any measurable goal that is achieved. For most businesses that sell their products or services on their website, a conversion is a completed order, a lead submission, or any other measurable action taking place on their website. Quantum increases your chance of making a conversion by using machine learning to improve your user’s web experience. For businesses that depend on their online sales, Quantum can make an incredible impact on a user’s shopping behavior by predictively preloading the images and resources in advance for a seamless shopping experience.

For local businesses competing to make sales on their website, it can be a financial hardship to set up the level of infrastructure that companies like Amazon and Etsy have to make sales quickly and repetitively. With Quantum, you don’t have to setup a new website or make any changes to your existing website, meaning no hardware investment, no coding, and no headaches. Quantum works automatically and starts working to improve your customer’s shopping experience instantly. Quantum is an image preloading service that decreases your website load time by using machine learning to decide which images to preload in advance to increase your overall page speed. Website optimization can be difficult for busy business owners. Quantum automates everything so that you can get back to building your business.

Why it matters

For most sites, every product page has between 12-15 high-resolution images on it. Images sell, and the faster you deliver your product images to your customers, the more likely they are to make a purchase. If a user has to wait between 1-1.5 seconds for a page load or product image to load, they are 45% more likely to leave the page, drastically decreasing the chances that they will add a product to their shopping cart and make a purchase. Quantum is a website optimization tool that decreases page load time by automatically preloading the images on your website. Quantum helps your business make more conversions and more sales by automatically preloading the images and marketing materials that matter to your bottom line.

With Quantum, you’ll never have to manually preload your website images. It just takes a single line of JavaScript to get started. Quantum then takes care of the rest automatically. Ready to get started? Request Invitation.