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With the world economy changing constantly in light of recent events, having stable and recurring income is important for any up-and-coming creative. Working on your own terms and on your own schedule can give you the freedom to spend the rest of your time how you want to. Many people have historically stayed with large corporations and cushy jobs because of the stability and dependable income. In recent years, however, the gig-economy has become an even more dependable source of income for many people around the globe.

Examples of workers in the gig-economy include:

  • Uber/Lyft Drivers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Scooter Chargers
  • Copywriters
  • Developers on Coded

Platforms such as Fiverr, Envato, Creative Market, and now Coded, provide a space where creatives can sell their work and earn passive income in addition to, or in replace of their traditional 9-5. Coded offers 90% commission to developers for selling their WordPress themes, Squarespace Templates, Shopify themes, graphic templates, logo designs, t-shirt designs, 3D models and much more online. This global marketplace connects creatives from all over the world.

For many people, stepping-over into the gig-economy can be a little intimidating. Here are 3 steps that every freelancer should take to promote their success in the gig-economy.

  1. Have a safety net
    No matter who you are or what you do, having a financial safety net is always a good idea. The economy has ups and downs. Having a secure and low-risk fund in the form of a savings account or CD can give you the confidence you need to take more risks with how you earn your money.
  2. Promote your work
    Many people expect that just by submitting their work to a freelancer marketplace, that sales and work will just start pouring in. This is far from the truth. You have to be your biggest advocate. Promote your products or services on social media, tell your friends, and show off your portfolio wherever possible. This can help you establish your credibility and attract potential customers. Coded offers free templates for promoting your creative templates on social media in our Knowledge Base.
  3. Hustle
    You don’t have to completely leave your 9-5 to start freelancing. Start with a little bit of hustle. Take an hour and the end of your day to try your hand at some freelancing jobs, write some social media posts to promote your services, or just look at what other freelancers are doing to give yourself a plan. When you’re ready, you’ll know when it’s time to freelance full-time.

Start out your new freelancing lifestyle by selling your graphic designs, logo templates, WordPress themes, or any other creative work on Coded. You can sign up for free with no monthly fees and no exclusivity requirements. This means that you can sell your work on other marketplaces and earn the highest commission rates with Coded. Welcome to the gig-economy. Welcome to the Coded community of makers.