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In the ever-growing online marketplace, more companies and organizations are taking their operations online than ever before. As companies and consumers head online, the ability to offer a highly-functioning and engaging user interface is more important than ever. However, many of these companies don’t have a design and programming team at hand to help build out these UX interfaces. Instead, enterprises are increasingly heading online to hire contractors and freelancers to help provide UX designs and templates for a variety of needs.

Are you a skilled UX designer with experience developing interfaces in Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision? There may be a lucrative opportunity for you to begin supplementing your income by selling your designs online to clients who are ready to purchase pre-built templates! If you aren’t sure if the investment is worth your time and effort, let’s take a look at four benefits to selling your UX designs online, and how you can get started making a sizeable side income as a Coded Developer!

4 Benefits To Selling Your UX Designs Online

1. Start Making Revenue From Your Designs

As you have grown in your ability to quickly create applications, web, and other UX interfaces for a variety of purposes, you may have begun to wonder if it's possible to use your skills to make revenue. The ability to earn a side and passive income has never been more important, and the design skills for development with emerging applications such as Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision is in high demand across the industry.

By selling your designs online, you can provide resources for companies, organizations, and other developers who are tight on their time and resources. Like other contractors or freelance developers, you can make ongoing connections with clients who trust your skills and start making a consistent side income. By partnering with a seller platform such as the Coded Market, designers can take advantage of the pre-populated client base and buyer interface for a short commission fee - avoiding the need for costly personal online selling websites and shops.

2. Grow Your Professional Network

Another fantastic benefit of selling UX template designs online through a coding platform is the ability to increase your sphere of influence in the industry. Coding and design selling platforms such as Coded provide developers with a unique ability to connect and build relationships with professionals and hobby creators across the industry.

Whether UX development is your full-time gig or simply a side passion, you can find inspiration for your designs and begin to build a professional network that has the ability to connect you to opportunities to take your designs further than you ever imagined.

3. Improve The UX Development Process - Together

As part of a growing seller community, you will become an integral part of the journey to make the web more beautiful and accessible to everyone. A mission of the Coded team is to see websites and interfaces become increasingly user-friendly and engaging, with an emphasis on pure designs and genuine development.

Each time a UX designer submits their templates to the Coded Market, the growing content library gains another expert voice in an increasingly utilized online service. Together, the Coded Developers network provides app makers and website developers with quality content that makes the digital space a better place for everyone!

4. It’s Fun!

Do you need one more reason to start selling your UX templates and designs online with Coded? Ok, let’s add one more: it’s fun! Coded makes the selling process easy and enjoyable with a clear and user-friendly interface that helps connect developers with quality clients that need design help. From the relationships you will build with other developers to the variety of clients you can begin to help with your templates, you never know where your interface template development can lead you!

Sell your UX Templates on Coded Market

Getting Started Selling With Coded Developers

Have we convinced you of the benefits of selling your designs online? Great! Now it’s time to help you get started with showcasing your developer skills online with Coded’s seller platform. Lucky for you - the process is easy, and you can begin selling your quality designs quickly.

With Coded, not only can you begin to build a great revenue stream through Coded Developers, 90% of the profit stays in your pocket. Many seller platforms for developers take anywhere from 20-35% of the commission, which keeps many sellers from making a productive profit. At Coded Developers, our team believes that empowered sellers provide the best quality work. With no commitment necessary and the ability to sell on other markets concurrently, Coded Developers can operate as true and free entrepreneurs!

3 Steps To Selling With Coded Developers

Step 1: Submit Your Designs

The first step (after setting up your Coded Developers account) is to simply submit your UX templates to Coded for review! You put in the design work, we take care of the rest!

We invite designers, developers, and makers everywhere to submit their best work to Coded.

Step 2: Coded Reviews

After you submit your work, the team of experts at Coded will take a look over your work and make sure it meets our quality assurance standards. Not only will our team look over the functionality of your design, but we will also offer helpful guidance and feedback to your submissions!

Step 3: Start Making Money

Once approved, your designs will appear on the Coded Market, tagged with helpful metadata that will help buyers find your content. As Coded Market consumers begin purchasing your templates and designs, you will earn a 90% commission for each and every sale made as a Coded Developer. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Make An Impact In The Industry

As a developer with emerging technology such as Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision, your services are needed now more than ever. By providing an engaging and easy to use seller platform, Coded offers UX designers a way to begin making side revenue no matter where they are located around the world. Hop over to Coded to learn more on how to begin selling your designs online today! For more helpful tips and tricks for turning your side passion into a profitable side hustle, check out Coded’s online library of resources.