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How much are you paying for marketing? While paid advertisements and boosted posts may receive short-term success, find out how to build a firm foundation for your digital marketing today. Here are three reasons to invest in organic marketing to increase your online traffic and promote more sales.

1. Answer real questions

Nothing turns customers away quicker than boring content. Whether it's overly promotional sales jargon or out-of-touch scenarios and examples, inorganic marketing can feel forced and uninviting.

Organic marketing answers real questions and is more personal. A common strategy is keeping your blog up to date with answers to common questions you receive.

2. Enjoy stable growth

Paid advertisements, like pay-per-click and social media advertisements, can be costly. A small business can easily spend between $500 to $3,000 per month on paid advertising. When you stop paying for this costly service, much of your boosted traffic could disappear.

Instead of relying on paying for each individual click, or visit, to your website, organic marketing focuses on relevant, engaging content that is genuinely interesting and relevant to your customers. Because you aren't paying a search engine to promote your advertisements and web pages, you'll have a better understanding of where you stand in relevant searches, as well as areas you can improve for long-term, stable growth.

3. Create a loyal following

Organic marketing is the grass roots way to grow your online presence. Through engaging content and organically-ranked search results, you'll have a better understanding of your customers interests and expectations from your brand.

By creating a dynamic blog that answers real-life questions, you'll position your company as an expert in your field. Create content that is genuinely interesting to read and you'll find a loyal following grow around your brand.

Marketing made easy

Content is essential, but an excellent website needs to be fast in order to do what's truly important — close the sale. Request an invitation to find out how our image preloading services through Quantum can support your organic marketing strategy and lead to more sales. Instead of investing in overly promotional advertisements and costly inorganic strategies, choose a simple, natural way to promote your products and services.