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If you’re a freelancer, graphic designer, logo maker, or cocktail mixer, finding the right marketplace to sell your work can be difficult. As more and more people leave their normal work-life to make passive income online, being a part of a community that appreciates and protects your work is important. Here are the top 10 design marketplaces to sell your creative templates online in 2020.

  1. Coded Market
    Coded Market is a new marketplace for makers everywhere that offers the highest commission rate of any creative marketplace. With Coded, you can earn 90% commission on all your sales with no monthly fee and no exclusivity requirements. Coded works hard to facilitate a community of makers to help you succeed in selling your creative templates online.
  2. Envato Market
    Australia-based Envato is one of our favorite marketplaces on the internet. We use work from their marketplace in our own projects because of the massive selection and quality of content. However, Envato Authors only earn 45% commission commission unless you agree to sell your work exclusively with Envato. This can make it difficult to be flexible for designers who want to have control over where their work is sold. Envato offers a family of platforms for a variety of products and purposes:
  3. Envato Market: Offers tens of thousands of templates, assets, and themes.
  4. Envato Elements: A subscription based service with thousands of assets to choose from.
  5. Envato Studio: A freelancer marketplace for custom projects and integrations.
  6. Twenty20: A subscription based service that offers thousands of stunning stock photos.
  7. Creative Market
    Creative Market opened about 5 years ago and now offers a network of over 6 million community members. They don’t require exclusivity from sellers and there’s no pre-product approval. For many, Creative Market offers a stable way to make money online because of the level of customer loyalty that Creative Market works to embody in their community.
  8. Bootstrap Bay
    Bootstrap Bay is a great place to earn money from your Bootstrap themes and templates. Their commission rates range from 55-70% and they don’t require exclusivity. Bootstrap Bay limits the types of products that they allow in order to offer a high quality selection of Bootstrap-specific themes.
  9. Luvly
    Luvly is a great resource for vector graphics and illustrations. They offer a side selection of graphics, print templates, website templates and more. Luvly gives sellers the ability to both sell their graphics and creative templates online and offer freelancer gigs to customers. Luvly invites makers to “turn their craft into a business.”

Finding the right partner to sell your graphic templates online is an important step in order to be successful at earning income online. At Coded, we value our community members. That’s why we offer the highest commission rates of any creative marketplace. Plus, we don’t require exclusivity, so you can still sell your creative templates on any other marketplace. For more information about how Coded works, visit Coded Developers.