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Tons of web developers and marketing agencies look for simple ways to preload webpage resources without having to put in hours and hours of coding to get the job done. At the end of the day though, developers are still simply guessing as to what resources should be preloaded in advance to make their website faster. Quantum is smart and uses machine learning to figure out which resources (namely product images, scripts, stylesheets, DNS records) to preload in advance so that every page on your website loads instantly.

Quantum takes the guesswork out of website optimization by intelligently making your website faster automatically. Quantum requires no coding and starts working from the moment you setup your account.

Why preloading is important

Preloading your website images is one of the only ways to guarantee a fast page load. For commerce website, every millisecond matters. For websites with high resolution images, preloading your website images stores these high-resolution images in the browser’s cache so that they can be rendered instantly to your customer. Quantum takes care of preloading your website images automatically so that your website can be faster and you can get back to building your business.

Most importantly, a faster website means more conversions and optimizing your website is a great first step in providing a fast and seamless shopping experience for your customers. Quantum works automatically to make your website faster. Request Invitation to get started.